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8 situations in which you need an FLSK drinking bottle

8 Situationen, in denen Du eine FLSK Trinkflasche brauchst

Every FLSK lover and proud FLSK owner has their unique way of using the smart drinking bottle. For some, the FLSK drinking bottle is a daily companion, such as a water bottle in the office or on the dining table at home. Others want "just" a sports bottle and take the FLSK drinking bottle with them on weekend bike rides.

The FLSK drinking bottle is known as a multi-talented accessory that effortlessly brings together attributes like robust, stylish, sustainable, and aesthetic. The FLSK drinking bottle makes life easier and more beautiful—that much is certain. And that alone would suffice.

But then there are situations where the FLSK drinking bottle isn't just practical to have; it's worth its weight in gold. Over time, we've gathered a nice little collection. Here's our (previously secret) list of special "can't-do-without-my-FLSK" moments for inspiration:


1. At the airport after the security check.

Eight hours of flight ahead, and you're allowed to carry hardly any liquids? No problem: Pack an empty FLSK drinking bottle in your hand luggage. Once you've passed security, fill it up at the nearest tap, and voilà! You can skip the overpriced drinks on the plane.


2. When you're sick on the couch and no one is there to bring you tea.

You've got a sore throat, a runny nose, and every muscle aches. It's crucial to stay hydrated when you're sick, but an insurmountable hurdle—the hallway—lies between you and the source. The FLSK drinking bottle comes to the rescue, or better yet, two of them: Fill one with tea and one with water, then head to the couch!


3. For the (existential) crisis at the office.

What am I doing here? And why is there still so much work at the end of the day? Even the best jobs have their gray moments. If your boss throws you a desperate glance at seven, and you know it'll be a long night, it's time for the FLSK drinking bottle. Beer? Champagne? Wine? Or worse? Take a sip. The best part: No one can see what's inside.


4. When traveling to countries with poor hygiene standards.

In some travel countries, it's best to avoid tap water and ice cubes. No problem—just pour bottled water into the FLSK drinking bottle, which will keep it cool. In countries like India, even supermarket plastic bottles can be contaminated. It's recommended not to touch the bottle when drinking. How does that work? To avoid accidentally splashing water on your face, drink it from the FLSK drinking bottle instead.


5. When your child throws a tantrum in the supermarket.

Sure, it's bribery and not particularly educationally valuable, but who cares. A shiny pink FLSK drinking bottle with a limited favorite drink (multivitamin juice? Cola?) has peacefully ended many a scene.


6. When you need to leave early in the morning.

Every minute counts in the morning. So, why not brew your coffee and tea the night before? Once filled, the FLSK insulated bottle will keep it fresh and hot until morning. Saves time and nerves!


7. When you receive flowers but can't find a vase.

Luxury problem! But still, you eventually need your sink back, and the flowers don't look as good there. There's no prettier vase alternative for narrow bouquets and individual flowers than the FLSK drinking bottle. Give it a try.


8. On a long drive when you start nodding off.

Micro-sleep can be deadly. Pull over at a rest stop as soon as possible, take a quick nap or get some exercise. Until then, the FLSK drinking bottle in your cupholder is a temporary solution. Filled with green tea, coffee, or another energy booster, it's always within reach, provides instant help, and could save your life.

Perfect for this.