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FLSK x ANY DI - a perfect match.

FLSK X ANY DI - ein perfect Match

You've probably already noticed it: our stylish Bottle Bag. This high-quality crossbody bag for the FLSK 500 ml is a true love between FLSK and ANY DI.

It shows what the two premium brands from Munich have in common: perfection of form and first-class design. ANY DI stands for flexibly wearable luxury bags and accessories that are both elegant and suitable for everyday use.

You want to know how this unique luxury accessory came into existence? Then take a look behind the scenes of our collaboration here!

August 2021: Our Brand Lead Amelie has brilliant idea.

As a FLSK fan from the very beginning, Amelie always has her favorite water bottle with her. This was also the case at the FORMLAND trade fair in Denmark. But as she roams the aisles with the FLSK in her left hand, she can only test the great Scandinavian products with her right. What a shame! Then it hits her like a bolt of lightning: what she needs is a bottle bag for the FLSK. With it, she would be more mobile and could enjoy the moment hands-free. A brilliant idea!


September 2021: Never walk alone: cooperation partners wanted.

Back in the office, it quickly became clear that we wanted to implement the bottle bag with a partner-in-crime. On the one hand, this partner should be at home and an expert in bags and, on the other hand, believe in sustainability, design and high quality just like we do. The brand ANY DI with its convertible and vegan high-end bags is our favorite from the beginning. Therefore, we send the girls a "love letter" to Feringastraße.

October 2021: It's a Match: We meet Anne and Lisa from ANY DI.

>Well, what can we say? There was a spark right away. At the first meeting with founder Anne and brand manager Lisa, the enthusiasm jumps and the ideas start flowing. The two have the additional idea of attaching the bottle bag to its "strap" for even more practical use. Optionally, other ANY DI mini-bags for sunglasses, wallets, etc. can also be attached here.

December 2021: The project enters the creative design phase.

Caroline from ANY DI draws amazing concepts and sketches the first bottle bag designs out of paper. This is how the final look for the prototype gradually crystallizes. The photos from ANY DI's studio give you a good impression of how such a design process works.

January 2022: The bottle bag prototype is here.

We are so excited! For the first time, we can hold the bottle bag from our sketches and samples in our hands for real. The design team fine-tunes shapes, seams and rivets once again to put the finishing touches on the prototype. Two months later, the time has finally come: the production of the bottle bag starts.

June 2022: Official launch of the bottle bag.

And today you can be happy about the original FLSK x ANY DI Bottle Bag. We are very proud of this unique product! The finest vegan leather meets minimalist shapes in the bottle bag. With this statement piece over your shoulder you can move through the city in style and have your hands free. Just what you need for your life with FLSK.


Perfect for this.