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How do I clean the FLSK drinking bottle?

Wie reinige ich die FLSK Trinkflasche?

Your FLSK is with you almost every day. It keeps your tea hot and your wine spritzer cool. In fact, you cannot live without it anymore? For us, this is the most wonderful compliment, because it means you love the FLSK just as much as we do!

Considering so much effort, the question remains of course - how to get your hard-working drinking bottle clean again. No problem: We will gladly share with you our well-proven insider tips for cleaning the FLSK, whether for daily care or for the major spring cleaning. There is one thing we can tell you already: It is very easy to return a little love to your FLSK.

The daily routine to clean your drinking bottle.

Enjoy your morning coffee in the subway and enjoy an ice-cold spritzer at your first meeting in the office for fresh energy. The FLSK drinking bottle makes this possible because it can be cleaned quickly and effortlessly in the meantime. A quick rinse with warm water is enough. The stainless-steel interior is tasteless and does not absorb any persistent odors. Even bacteria have no chance on this surface.

Furthermore before placing your FLSK on the rack after a well-deserved break usage, you can clean it with a soft bottle brush or sponge. In contrast to conventional drinking bottles or insulated bottles, the FLSK does not contain any glass inside that could break and is therefore much more robust. If you regularly drink coffee or tea from your FLSK, please remove the remains regularly. This way, they cannot get stuck to the surface at all. The best way to deal with external stubborn stains is to use detergent.

We also recommend removing the sealing ring from time to time and cleaning it separately. This is because beverage residues can collect under the sealing ring, leading to bacterial growth and unpleasant odors. After cleaning, make sure that you put the completely dry ring back on the lid the right way round.

The thread of the lid itself does not come into contact with the contents of the FLSK, so you do not have to get to grips with the inside of the lid in the finest detail. However, should bacteria stray into this area, they won't stand a chance if you take a bath in a glass of water with a tablet of denture or braces cleaner.

Please store the CUP coffee to go cup, the muki snackpot and FLSK water bottle only completely dry in the cupboard. With the draining aid your FLSK products will dry as fast as possible and without additional effort. So bacteria and odor residues have no chance anymore.

The in-depth cleaning for maximum cleanliness.

If you really want to clean your drinking bottle thoroughly, you have two methods to choose from.

    1. Denture or braces cleaner from the pharmacy: Your FLSK suffers from persistent stains? If so, then Granny's effervescent tablets can do real magic. Simply dissolve the denture cleaner directly in the FLSK with hot water. All stains will be completely removed after two hours.

    2. The cleaning balls from the FLSK collection: These small beads do their job perfectly without any artificial cleaning agents. In addition, they can be reused as often as desired and are therefore extremely sustainable. Simply fill the cleaning balls with a little warm water directly into the FLSK drinking bottle. Now all you have to do is shake the bottle for about 10 seconds and then pour the beads over a strainer. A quick rinse - and done. Also watch the video!

Can I put the FLSK drinking bottle in the dishwasher?

Let us explain it this way: The dishwasher cannot harm the function of your FLSK. In this context, it is dishwasher-safe. However, we do not know what kind of dishwasher model you have at home. Some models can attack and peel off the outer paint of the FLSK. If you want to make sure that your drinking bottle will look like new for a long time, it is better to clean it manually using the methods mentioned above.



Any further questions?

We are happy to support you if you have any questions about cleaning or the use of the FLSK drinking bottle. You can simply call or write to us - and we will find a solution.

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