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Hygiene for FLSK products: 5 tips that really help

Hygiene für FLSK Produkte: 5 Tipps, die wirklich helfen

First things first: bacteria and other microorganisms are just a part of life. They swarm your body, the soil in your garden, and many foods like yogurt. No strict cleaning routine can rid you of them — and that's a good thing!

However, there are also harmful germs and viruses we would rather avoid. To support your immune system in fending them off, a few hygiene measures are advisable. Especially with FLSK stainless steel water bottles, coffee mugs to go, and snack pots. These naturally come close to us and provide unwelcome guests with a shortcut to the mucous membranes.

With FLSK products, you've made a good choice in terms of hygiene too. They are made of high-quality stainless steel, which leaves no room for germs. All that's needed now are a few simple steps to keep your favorite everyday companions hygienically clean.

Best friends for every day: hot water and cleaning beads.

For the daily cleaning of the FLSK coffee mug and the FLSK water bottle, warm water, a few drops of dish soap, and a soft sponge or brush work best. Tackle deposits inside the FLSK water bottle with our cleaning beads.


Dishwasher? No, thanks.

It's best to avoid using the dishwasher with FLSK products outside the Stainless - All Natural series for several reasons. Firstly, it can affect the appearance and, in the case of the FLSK water bottle, also impact the seal. Secondly, bottles and containers are often not cleaned thoroughly.

Click here to find more information about dishwasher cleaning.


The comprehensive approach: disinfection.

Basic cleaning removes residues and other surface dirt but cannot completely kill any bacteria. Therefore, disinfection is necessary from time to time.

Simply fill the FLSK water bottle with almost boiling water for ten minutes, and also rinse the unpainted bottle neck with very hot water.

We generally advise against using cloths or sprays with chemical disinfectants since you'll be drinking or eating from these containers again. Cleaning tablets from the drugstore made for dental braces or dentures are possible options.


Drying properly.

Drying is an essential part of the cleaning process because viruses and bacteria love moisture but cannot multiply easily on dry surfaces. So should you just rub them with a kitchen towel after rinsing?

Stop! Dish towels are often underestimated germ havens. They come into daily contact with food, dishes, kitchen surfaces, and our hands. Change them at least every other day and use only clean towels for your FLSK product.

After rinsing, dry the containers as well as possible with the towel, then let them air dry with the opening facing down so that no water remains inside.

Store the FLSK coffee mug and the FLSK water bottle only when completely dry.


Don't forget the lid.

Done? Oh, right, the lid! Don't overlook it during all your hygiene measures. Dirt gets trapped in its grooves and crevices twice as well.

Remove the lid of the FLSK coffee mug and water bottle before cleaning and disassemble it into its individual parts as far as possible. You can also remove the sealing ring from the FLSK water bottle. It should be removed and cleaned occasionally, as drink residues can collect under the seal, causing bacteria and unpleasant odors.

For cleaning, regularly boil the ring to eliminate any bacteria. Be sure to reattach the sealing ring properly, or the FLSK water bottle may leak.

Hand washing a white bottle with a pink sponge

Perfect for this.