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Your perfect match.

Dein perfect match.

You are a miracle. It sounds sentimental, but it's true! There will never be another person like you. In you, an absolutely unique blend of characteristics, traits, nature, desires, goals, and aspirations come together.

Your story, your present, your future: You're not a copy, you're not just anybody – you're you. So, you don't just buy anything. Instead, you express yourself in every product you bring into your life.

With the FLSK coffee mug, this is easy. In the FLSK online shop, you can assemble your favorite coffee mug with just a few clicks. Live your individuality and show the world who you are – with the FLSK coffee mug.




Fits like a pot on its lid.

The FLSK coffee mug consists of two parts: the mug and the lid with a fliplid. Both are available in various elegant shades.
Are you the straightforward type who loves matching colors? Then choose a mug and lid in the same color. For example, the black of the mug also appears in the fliplid of the lid. You don't have to do anything – this option is already set for you in the online shop.


Perfectly styled.

Do you want a black mug but a lid with a white fliplid? Would you like to pair the khaki mug with a brick-colored accent lid because both colors match your outfit? Go for it!

With the FLSK coffee mug, you have complete creative freedom. In the online shop, you can select an extra lid right next to your FLSK coffee mug and add it to your cart. The lid fits both sizes of the FLSK coffee mug, so you can mix and match any lid with any mug – just as you like!



One lid is not enough.

Classic today, creatively mixed tomorrow: If you're someone who needs variety, we have good news – you don't have to choose. Order as many extra lids as you like in your favorite colors for your FLSK coffee mug.

In the morning, you check your schedule, your look, and your mood, then select the lid that matches. That way, you're always accompanied by a coffee-to-go mug with the outfit of the day.

FLSK tip: Whether it's a first name, mantra, or small message – customize your coffee mug with a free engraving. You have 18 characters and can choose between the clean Avenir Roman font or the cursive Photograph Signature font. You can enter your text directly in the shop before adding the FLSK coffee mug to your cart. In the live preview, you can immediately see how the result will look – absolutely fantastic!

Perfect for this.