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A sparkling experience: carbonated drinks from the FLSK drinking bottle

Ein prickelndes Erlebnis: Kohlensäurehaltige Getränke aus der FLSK Trinkflasche

Still waters run deep? Maybe. Nevertheless, there are times when nothing could make us happier than a sparkling drink. Especially when we're hot and our throats are parched. On the go, in the streets of the city, or while playing sports in nature. Exactly where we can't have it, because everyone knows: Carbonated drinks are hard to take in a water bottle.

We are tired of stale spritzers, exploding bottles, and leaky lids. Enough of that. It's time for the FLSK stainless steel bottle. It keeps the carbonation and temperature of your favorite drink, no matter how much you shake it. Oh, and the insulated bottle also looks great.

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A harmonious pair: carbonation and the FLSK bottle.

Why should you only transport carbonated drinks in the FLSK bottle from now on? Here are our strongest arguments at a glance:

  1. Seals tightly: The lid of the FLSK bottle fits precisely and lets neither gases nor liquids pass through. No need to transport it upright anymore.

  2. Stays fizzy: The carbonation remains inside the FLSK bottle and waits for its use. Even after a bumpy transport, the bottle can be opened without foaming over.

  3. Reliable insulation: Drinks stay cold in the FLSK bottle for 24 hours. Sun exposure or not.

  4. Tastes good: The FLSK bottle does not add any flavor to your spritzer. After rinsing, it is also good for water again.




Refreshment without regret.

What happened so far: It's a warm day in the city, you have a few things to do. Against better judgment, you packed a plastic bottle of apple spritzer. When you pull it out of your bag in search of something cool and fresh, the bottle is at room temperature: 25 degrees. When you open it, half the liquid flies around your ears. The spritzer just tastes stale and somehow like plastic, with no trace of carbonation. Unfortunately, filling bottles with safer materials was not a solution either, as most lids can't withstand the pressure of carbonation. The result: Carbonated drinks slowly escape to places where no one wants them - in the bag or on the car seat. With the carbonation-proof thermos bottle from FLSK, these problems are history. It's very simple: Fill in a carbonated drink, put on the lid, and enjoy ice-cold fizz for 24 hours.


Champagne? Absolutely.

Sometimes you see people on the go with sparkling wine in glass bottles on their way to some party. That's pretty impractical because the heavy bottle still needs to be opened awkwardly (preferably without a carbonation explosion) and then emptied immediately. Not to mention the potential shards. Have you ever thought about pouring a bottle of Prosecco or fine champagne into a bottle? The FLSK bottle opens up completely new possibilities for you. Your friends will be amazed when you pull out a chic black FLSK bottle with sparkling wine by the lake in the evening. You can be sure that the precious contents, including carbonation, will survive the journey well, not leak, and taste as if freshly uncorked. Celebrate whenever and wherever you want - with your FLSK bottle.

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