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“My patronus forms a hyena. Otherwise I’m really really nice.”

„Mein Patronus formt eine Hyäne. Sonst bin ich echt total nett.“

Amelie says she plays on the FLSK team. This fits very well because she takes care of important strategic tasks for the company across all departments. Without Amelie, we would be pretty lost, as you'll soon see!

Amelie is the creative mastermind behind the FLSK products, sorts product ideas, accompanies product design and drives innovations. She is only satisfied when you hold something in your hand that makes your life easier and gives you a real FLSK moment of pleasure.

Amelie also oversees the brand strategy: CI, services, packaging and everything that defines FLSK should fit our brand values. “Special, not conventional” is the motto. Superbrain Amelie also works on the international success of the FLSK brand, is part of the management team and takes on all the tasks “that no one else wants to do” (original sound Amelie).

Who sits in a glass house...

Amelie sits in the so-called “glass house” with Cindy and Thomas. The name actually comes from the glass wall of the office, but it also fits in well with the shared passion for plant cuttings, banana bushes, ivy plants and other greenery. Visitors are surprised that there is still room for people there!

Amelie happened upon FLSK about seven years ago, when the company only consisted of a handful of people. That's why she knows FLSK inside and out. Your strength is in tackling areas, getting the basics including strategy, plan and team up and running and then handing it over to people who will constantly develop these topics further.

Repetitions, everyday grind, consistency? Amelie doesn't tolerate it very well. That's why she thinks it's great that she can always learn new things at FLSK and never stops. You definitely won't get bored and she's very grateful for that!

What was your greatest childhood wish?

I always wanted to be a mountain rescue helicopter pilot. Well, my current job isn’t quite as action-packed – but almost! 😊

What did you learn at FLSK?

Done is better than perfect.

What do you look forward to most on your way to work in the morning?

Alex. Anica. Annika. Beate. Chi. Christine. Cindy. Dunya. Hanni. Hartwig. Jana. Jithmi.  Kayra. Kris. Marion. Marcia. Mathias. Michi. Quentin. Sabine. Simon. Thomas. Ulvi. Veit. People. Waldemar. We are all very different but still harmonize. That's really special.

What does your typical day-to-day work look like?

No two days are the same, but it often goes something like this: Before I leave my apartment for the office in the morning, I work on all the projects from Asia over the first cup of coffee, which follow a special rhythm due to the time difference.

I use the walk to the office to make phone calls to my sparring partner Simon to discuss the further development of our brand strategy. There are usually new product and color samples waiting for me in the office that I want to examine with elven eyes. Typically, there are a variety of meetings until you drop - or alternatively until you have a beer. 

If you were to write a book about your work at FLSK, what title would it be?

The title would be: “Schwab-Up. Loopholes for rascals to save money in small businesses.” With a free side dish! (12.99 € shipping)

+++ only for a short time +++ Pay 2 take 1 +++

Which Harry Potter house would you be in?

According to my official Harry Potter fan card, the Sorting Hat sees me in Slytherin with a 14-inch long wand made of laurel wood with dragon heartstring. My patronus forms a hyena. But otherwise I'm really really nice!