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“We are probably the loudest team at FLSK”

„Wir sind wahrscheinlich das lauteste Team bei FLSK“

With eight people, the sales team is not only the largest team at FLSK, but also the driving force of the company. Because here, curious and interested people become enthusiastic customers.

Seven of the team members are sitting in their office in Munich, which is particularly notable for its huge blue wall and the enormous noise level. Of course, this is only due to the many phone calls that are made in it and not because of the motivating music... luckily the walls and doors are soundproof!

The sales team also enjoys being together outside of their daily to-dos. The motley bunch get along brilliantly and support each other in all challenges.

Great work with a great team

Volker has been with FLSK since April 1, 2019. First, as an assistant, he operated the laser, which he used to conjure up precise engravings on the FLSK products. He then moved into customer service and finally ended up in sales. There he found his current professional fulfillment.

What Volker does all day? He advises customers, makes offers and creates orders. Every now and then Volker represents the company with his expertise on FLSK drinking bottles, CUP coffee to go cups, muki snack pots and co. at trade fairs throughout Europe. He is also responsible for the operational part of the Amazon vendor.

Volker likes his area of ​​responsibility. But interpersonal relationships are at least as important to him. And that suits him at FLSK. Volker sums it up like this: great work with a great team. We have nothing to add to that!

What does your typical day-to-day work look like?

At the beginning of every working day there is a “battle” with the elevator. I'm happy when the door closes on the first try! Otherwise you just have to press and wait. When I'm upstairs, I grab a coffee and chat with our good office soul Marzia. Then I answer emails, create orders and take care of customer requests over the phone.

On Mondays and Wednesdays I also have Amazon orders and invoices on my desk. Lunch is served pretty regularly at 12 p.m. We all work with concentration, but we always have a little chat with our colleagues or play table tennis. It is precisely this community that makes the working day.

What do you like best about FLSK?

What I like about FLSK is that I feel very comfortable. This is mainly due to two things: Firstly, that I am completely accepted as I am. I don't have to pretend.

And secondly: You can talk about anything and if somehow possible, the wish will be made possible. The company is very flexible and social. This benefits me and my family greatly.

From a technical perspective, I am also impressed by the competence of my colleagues in all areas. You can really ask them anything!

How would you describe your team in 5 words? 

If necessary, everyone is happy to help .

Which song best describes your team?

Diamonds in the mud .

What is typical for FLSK?

We are, to put it mildly, not particularly traditionalist. At FLSK, no one would adhere to valid conventions that are of no use to anyone because of “that’s just the way it is.” We question a lot of things and discuss whether something really suits us.

What do you get up for in the morning?

To be happy that I can still do exactly that.

You win a trip through time – where do you get off?

I'm not much of an adventurer and would stay in the 20th century. About 15-20 years ago, everything was still quite nice.

What was your greatest childhood wish?

To finally be an adult so that you can have a say. Now I see it differently 😉