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What is the FLSK Future Fund?

Was ist der FLSK Future Fonds?

Imagine a future where green roofs and vertical gardens shape the skylines of our cities. Where every community generates its own energy from renewable sources and sustainable transportation ensures clean air.

In this future, the seas are free of plastic. Agriculture is focused on nurturing the land and animals to produce healthy food. This food is distributed locally and communally, so no one has to go hungry. A dream? A goal!

We don't want to dream anymore; we want to take concrete action. In 2017, we established the FLSK Future Fund as a company. The idea behind it: to promote education, research, and development in rural areas and slums. So that together, we can create a livable world for future generations. Learn more about the FLSK Future Fund here.

FLSK Future Fund: The Facts

  • 1% of FLSK's annual revenue flows into the FLSK Future Fund. With every purchase at FLSK, you support the fund.

  • The fund is committed to projects that pursue a long-term, meaningful, and serious approach.

  • The GLS Zukunftsstiftung manages the fund and assists us in selecting the projects.

Small Projects with Big Ideas

Every ecological or social project with meaningful and positive goals is worth supporting. However, we have found that some topics are easier to "market" than others. These include large-scale projects with issues that resonate particularly well with the public. These projects more easily attract donors because they aim for market effectiveness.

With the FLSK Future Fund, we primarily support innovative projects that otherwise remain under the radar. These projects are often (still) too small to attract the attention of wealthy donors. They typically start with an idea and a lot of passion, but not yet significant results.

These are the projects we seek out and want to give the necessary boost with the funds from the FLSK Future Fund.

For Holistic Rural Development

Since it is often difficult for outsiders to assess the quality and potential of initiatives, we work with the GLS Zukunftsstiftung. The foundation brings decades of experience in development cooperation and supports the fund in project selection with strict ecological, ethical, and social criteria. Together with the staff, we make the final decision on which project receives our support.

A resource-oriented approach is very important to us. We want to contribute to the efficient and fair use of available resources and to strengthen self-efficacy within a community. All our projects focus on:

Community Availability: It's about using local resources sensibly and ensuring access for all members of the community.

Self-Efficacy: We don't want people or communities to be permanently dependent on external help. Through the project, they should be enabled to effectively manage their own affairs and bring about positive changes. The FLSK Future Fund helps them develop their own solutions to local challenges.

The funding focuses on two main areas: integrated slum development and integrated rural development. People in rural areas and slums should gain more food security and sovereignty as well as income opportunities.

Is it important to you to buy from companies that take social and ecological responsibility? Then FLSK is the right place for you.