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Raise your bottles against the plastic flood

Hoch die Flaschen gegen die Plastikflut

On 22.03.2019 is the World Water Day again. Already since 1994 the United Nations raise awareness for the importance of water to mankind. Is that really necessary? Definitely yes! This is shown by the gigantic Garbage Patches in the oceans and the vast amounts of plastic bottles, that are washed up on the beaches every day. We at FLSK setting this year’s World Water Day highly unofficial under the tagline „With the bottle against the plastic flood “, because we want more people to know how easy and relaxed it can be to avoid plastic. 

What you can do to mark the occasion? Read more about the correlation between plastic and water, take part in our Mini-Game or challenge yourself with the 7-days-without-plastic-challenge. In any case you should use the event to pat yourself on the back as an FLSK member. You are important, because you will save a bunch of plastic over the lifespan of the fancy bottle. The concrete meaning is, that it is one less plastic bottle on the fine sandy beach, a healthier wildlife and less microplastic in our food. Not bad! 

Maybe we are not able to fish all plastic out of the oceans, but with every decision we make, we can take a step towards clean water. Are we on?

Mini-Game: Help the Flskman over the mountains of plastic and win 

Did you find more plastic bottles than shells on your last beach walk? Then you have an idea of how the Flskman is doing. He is clinging to his FLSK and needs your help to get safe to the other side of the beach. Our World Water Day Mini-Game is going on for the whole week. Whoever has achieved the best score at the end of the week, can pick a FLSK drinking bottle. Deal? Deal! 

Play now.

Water, plastic und the whole big world 

What do a plastic bottle, water and your wellbeing have to do with each other? A good deal! It is a fact, that we all are still using way too much plastic. And when we are done with our straws, packaging and juice bottles, they do not vanish into thin air. Most of the time we act very responsible with waste in our country. But in other countries plastic often ends up in the sea. And from there in form of microplastic back to us. Here are some facts about plastic bottles: 

  • Plastic bottles emitting harmful substances. If you drink out of them, softeners and co. get directly into your body. 
  • A lot of aquatic animals, e.g. seabirds, are eating bits of the discarded plastic. The vast majority do not survive. 
  • As time went by, currents grind the bottle into microplastic. It gets everywhere in this form, in the drinking water, the food... Microplastic can already be evidenced in our bodies. With yet unexplained consequences.
  • Conclusion: A FLSK drinking bottle made of BPA-free stainless steel is a good idea – for yourself and the world! 

The 7-days-without-plastic-challenge

„Yes, I would love to live without plastic bottles. But how can I do it concretely? “ Nothing could be simpler. Accept the challenge and let FLSK support you reducing plastic. All you need is a FLSK drinking bottle made of environmentally friendly stainless steel. 

  • Day 1: Breakfast time! Instead of buying a cup of coffee on your way to the office, make yourself your morning “pick-me-up” at home and take it with you in the bottle. 
  • Day 2: Today is sports day. It does not matter, if fitness, yoga or running – today your refreshment will come from your FLSK. 
  • Day 3: You have a water dispenser in your office? Draw the water with your FLSK drinking bottle and earn admiring glances for your great taste. 
  • Day 4: Take away soup from your Asian? Most of the times it comes in a plastic cup. Way healthier is a home cooked soup – the FLSK guarantees a leakproof transport. 
  • Day 5: Today you will avoid the vending machine. Since after all you have your favorite drink with you in the FLSK for spontaneous thirst. 
  • Day 6: There is a trip to the countryside on the agenda? Do not forget to pack your tea for on the road into your backpack. 
  • Day 7: You have made it! Treat yourself with some Prosecco out of the FLSK. This week has made a difference! How about a second one?