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CUP sealing set

CUP sealing set

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Did you know that you can completely disassemble the CUP? On the one hand, this makes it particularly practical, because you can clean all parts easily and hygienically. On the other hand, it also makes it sustainable: The individual components can be replaced if necessary, so you don't have to replace the entire CUP. Saves resources and your wallet!

The BPA-free silicone seals are two of the most important elements of the CUP. The silicone ring in the lid ensures that the coffee to go tumbler stays reliably sealed and the coffee stays where it belongs! The seal on the fliplid closes the drinking opening when you close the CUP. After a longer period of use, the seals may become porous and thus leak. They may also get lost or you may want to replace them for optical reasons. How good that in all these cases you can simply order a new seal set here.