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FLSK neoprene sleeve

FLSK neoprene sleeve

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The FLSK neoprene sleeve is the perfect add-on for the FLSK drinking bottle. Like a second skin, the carrying bag encloses the bottle and harmonizes unobtrusively with the typical FLSK design. Also drinking bottles of other brands can be upgraded with the bottle bag. The PVC-free material is durable, particularly lightweight and machine washable.

1. The neoprene sleeve protects your bottle from scratches and knocks. The FLSK drinking bottle is tough. However, it may be that after some time the paint suffers, for example, if other hard objects rub against the FLSK during transport. The practical neoprene bag is a good choice if you want to preserve the flawless appearance of your FLSK water bottle. 

2. The neoprene sleeve makes the FLSK drinking bottle easy to carry. Use the metal tag on the strap to attach the FLSK to the outside of your backpack with a carabiner. So you can quickly get a cool sip of water on the go. The neoprene sleeve is also a practical accessory for joggers who like to carry their bottle directly in their hand. Thanks to increased grip, the FLSK does not slip easily out of the hand and is easy to grip. This bottle carrier bag makes your FLSK mobile. 

3. The neoprene sleeve prolongs the insulation. You do not (yet) have a FLSK drinking bottle, but dream of longer hot or cold drinks? Then you can easily upgrade your bottle with the neoprene sleeve. The insulating property of neoprene works the better, the more precisely the used bottle fits into the carrying bag. 

width:7,5 cm
weight:69 g
height:1,5 cm
length:22,7 cm